Nick Jonas loses Temper and breaks an iPad during Interview

The interview was aired on ABC News in 2012 where Nick gets angry on a question

Nick Jonas has been in headlines from last few months. Earlier this year, he made headlines for dating Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. And then, the duo made it official after a Roka Ceremony held in Mumbai followed by an Engagement bash.

Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra was all praises with her son-in-law. She said,  “Nick is calm and mature. He’s a wonderful person and everyone in the family just loves him. He’s so polite and respectful towards elders. What more can a mother want.”

However, do you know, that Nick had once lost his temper and destroyed an iPad in Interview With ABC’s Josh Elliott.

During the interview, Elliott asked Nick, “In 2009 an artist claimed that you had ripped the song off from him. How did it make you feel?”

To this, Nick furiously replied, “Are you serious? You are actually doing this right now? The song is incredibly personal to me. I am shocked to even going into this. It’s absolutely ridiculous. You really pissed me off with this. This is unbelievable.”

People around him tried to calm him down and he angrily said, “Are you kidding me? The pain and the frustration that went into this song and you tell me to relax about this. How many times we have done interviews together and you come out with this.”

Nick became uncontrollable and said, “We’ll settle this privately.”

Nick’s publicist also bashed Elliott, called him an ‘Idiot’ and asked Nick to ‘Move on’. On the other hand, Nick yelled, “We are not moving on. We are done. It’s over. Turn the cameras off.”

What followed this shocked everyone on set. Nick lost his temper and broke the iPad in his hand, and kicked it and thrashed it until it was completely destroyed.

Nick then said, “We are not relaxing, We are not going home.” Pointing at Elliott, he said, “You know what’s happening, you just got punked.”

Well, yes, it was just a prank on Josh Elliott.

Watch the video:

Nick Jonas is a 25-year-old American singer. He opted to form a band with his elder brother Joe and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers band became famous on the Disney Channel. They appeared in the popular musical television film Camp Rock (2008) and its sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010). They gained much fame with the two of their own series, Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream (2008–2010) and Jonas (2009–2010).

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