Google Reskilling India Program for free scholarship in app development

Google Reskilling India Program with Pluralsight is surely to re-skill millions of developers in the country

गूगल इंडिया री-स्किल्लिंग प्रोग्राम दे रहा है स्कोलोर्शिप पाने का सुनहरी मौका, बस करना होगा ये काम

According to a report by The Times Of India in 2017, 60% of the graduates remain unemployed every year. One of the main reason is out of date syllabus and ancient methodologies followed in studies which are no longer efficient to learn anything.

Google is among the most successful technology companies in the world is now coming up with Google Reskilling India Program. The company provides various services including a search engine (Google), e-mail system (Gmail), application store (Google Play store) and lot more. Google hires the best programmers in the world with dream career opportunities.

Pluralsight is among the leading online teaching website which focuses on skill development through detailed and quality online courses like web development and android application development. Recently, Google has collaborated with Pluralsight in order to reskill the Indian youth with quality courses for free for limited time.

Once signed up for Google Reskilling India Program, developers in India are eligible to receive 60 days of free training on the Pluralsight platform. You can enroll today on their signup page. You can redeem the benefit for an extra 60 days if you need more time to complete the track and even try out other roles if you want.

Google Reskilling India Program

Google Reskilling India Program:

1. Create an account,  choose your role and redeem your benefit on this page

If you already have a subscription to Pluralsight, you are already eligible for the program.

2. Access custom channels and courses on the platform

Android developer, cloud security, data engineering, and mobile web specialist are among well-known course paths on the platform.

Plus, for each benefit, you can take a Skill IQ assessment to rate your skills, both before you start learning, and after you complete courses.

3. Explore paths and courses

Recently, Google Developers India channel on YouTube shared the story of Tushar who despite having financial restrictions, managed to learn from Pluralsight’s quality content under Google Reskilling India Program with support from his parents. He bought a new laptop in installments and started learning from Pluralsight every day and also developed a successful Android application. He now aims at becoming a full-time Android App Developer.

Pluralsight’s and Google’s collaboration will surely bring a new dawn in the life of developers who need a perfect platform providing quality education. What are your views on Google Reskilling India Program? Do let us know in the comments section.

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