Reliance’s JioPOS Lite app offering 4.16% recharge cashback offer

Jio has released a new JioPOS Lite app in India. You can download this community recharge app from the Play Store and use it to recharge the subscriptions of other Jio users and earn money.

You can use this app after going through a simple registration process, and it doesn’t need you to submit any physical copies of documents or go through physical verification. Once you become a partner, you can recharge the Jio subscription of other users and earn a commission. What makes it different from the regular Jio app is the commission, the regular app lets you recharge other people’s Jio subscription, but you won’t get any benefit for doing so.

As for the commission, Jio is offering a 4.16% commission to the partners on recharging a Jio subscribers account. The new app also comes with a passbook feature, which provides the details of all recharges performed within the last 20 days.

Check Your Eligibility For JioPOS Lite App?

To get the benefit of this offer, all you need to do is download the app, give it the necessary permissions, and register yourself as a Jio partner. You require a Jio number to become a partner.

How to Register for JioPOS Lite?

The steps are very simple to get registered on JioPOS Lite. It does not require any physical verification or personal visit to the store. It is a paperless procedure to create a JioPOS partner ID.

  • Download the JioPOS Lite app from Google Play
  • Click on Sign Up button
  • Enter Email ID and the registered JIO mobile number
  • Verify the OTP and submit

Once the registration is complete, you need to load money to your Jio wallet to begin using the app. At present, the denominations available are for INR 500, INR 1000, and INR 2000. Using the app, a JIO subscriber can recharge for customers using the money in the wallet. A dashboard to monitor your daily earnings

The app shows the list of popular plans for pre-paid numbers, so you can quickly recharge the numbers of other Jio users. The app also features a FAQ section to provide additional help while performing a recharge.

The monetary transactions on JioPOS Lite are administered through mPin which can be easily set up and modified.

At the moment, the app is only available for the Android platform. Before Jio, Airtel also introduced an “earn from home” feature which allows Airtel users to get 4% cashback on every recharge that they perform through the Airtel app.

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