SonyLIV coming up with an original master crime-thriller, UNDEKHI

SonyLIV that went through a makeover to go toe to toe with other streaming giants, is coming up with original content regularly. The streaming service released Kadakh and Your Honor a couple of days ago and has now revealed a new original crime-thriller.

Recently, SonyLIV released a 45-second teaser for UNDEKHI. This teaser gave us an insight into the spine-chilling tale. It’s dark, interesting, spooky and absorbing too!

By the looks of the teaser, it seems we will see a previously unheard and unseen tale. The teaser for UNDEKHI begins with a group of policemen venturing into the dense Sunderbans of West Bengal.

The overall gloomly tale with rain pouring down creates an erie atmosphere. The teaser doesn’t give a lot of hint about the plot, but it looks like a murder mystery. The group of cops lead by the character of Dibyendu Bhattacharya examine a dead body.

The body is at least a couple of days old and has been disfigured by animals. A crucial clue is discovered, a wooden stick used by tribal women from a nearby village. It is further revealed that two women from that village were missing.

SonyLIV says that the story of UNDEKHI is inspired by true events. However, it is hard to say how engaging the story would be and if it would turn out to be predictable and uninteresting.

Apart from dropping the first look of original series ‘Undekhi‘ by SonyLIV it is all set for the premiere of Manoj Bajpayee starrer ‘Bhonsle‘ which is set for stream on June 26.

The creators of UNDEKHI haven’t come up with a release date, but the SonyLIV exclusive show will come out in 2020.

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