Netflix is playing a censored version of Vikings “Murder Most Foul” in India

If you are watching Vikings, Season 5, Episode 12 “Murder Most Foul”, you must have noticed smudged two cooked pigs on a table. Don’t be surprised. This is done by Netflix for India audience. It is streaming edited version of Vikings.

While the Hindus are guilt-tripped for being uptight about beef, Netflix India has censored pork scene amongst a few others. The censoring has happened because Netflix streamed History TV18 version.

In the stills shared above from Vikings, Season 5, Episode 12 “Murder Most Foul”, one can see two cooked pigs blurred out in India version. Apart from blurring out, it appears that Netflix has censored some other scenes as well.

The duration of original Netflix, Viking season 5, episode 12 is around 46 minutes long. But the Indian version has been truncated to around 42 and a half minutes only which also has the recap. In other words, Netflix has censored more than 4 minutes of content. There is no clarity about it!

The blurring and the censorship by Netflix were first highlighted by a Twitter user.

Netflix addressed the matter by saying that the action has been taken as per the legal of the local government.

Netflix is airing the Vikings with Hindi voice over and subtitles to reach out to a wider audience. The series is famous for its rogue appeal, violence, and drug abuse. The Indian audience has been taken by surprise at the censorship measures on pork only.

The censorship has left people wondering that many such objectionable content including Pork can be found in other Netflix series, so why is it something specific to Vikings?

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