Mark thy calendars Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3! Check out the perfect way to watch!

Over the past decade, Hamilton became one of the biggest hit in theatres. Now, Disney Plus is bringing this popular play right into your homes shortly. This venture by Disney would be the first time where anyone can watch the play without going to a theatre. Disney is bringing the live recording of the play with the original cast from 2015.

To bring this play to its streaming platform, Disney paid a whopping $75 million for the digital rights of Hamilton. Initially, Disney planned to release Hamilton in theatres, but the COVID-19 outbreak forced it to go with a digital release. 

Now, watching a play in a theatre is completely different to watching it on a screen. However, there are some minor tweaks that you can make to make the streaming experience similar to the theatrical experience. Here is a list of things that you can do to improve your viewing experience for Hamilton.

Get a Disney+ Subscription

Yes, you require a Disney+ subscription to watch Hamilton. Disney used to offer a free trial, but it has stopped doing so. The monthly cost of Disney+ subscription is $6.99 / £5.99 / AU$8.99.

Setup your TV and Sound System

Now, it is perfectly okay to watch the play on a 14-inch CRT monitor with mono audio. However, if you want to see the play in the same way as a person sitting in the front row of the theatre sees it, then you need to watch the play on 4K resolution with a good sound system.

Prepare for the Show

Watch the trailer for Hamilton once again. Take a note of the streaming time. You can watch the play any time once it is released but watching it immediately has a different feel to it. If you want to experience the soundtrack of the play without getting distracted by the action, then try the OST on Apple Music or Spotify. 

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