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“SANJU” Sidhu Moose Wala’s latest song lands him into a legal case

Punjab Police has booked singer Sidhu Moosewala for his latest video single album “Sanju”. A case related to blatant glorification…

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Flipkart gets ready for iPhone SE 2020, opens registration

When Apple released the iPhone SE in 2017, it turned out to be one of the most popular iPhones at…

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Google making changes to App Store and YouTube to add kids’ section

YouTube is receiving a new section to help students as well as educators who have to stay in quarantine due…

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Reliance’s JioPOS Lite app offering 4.16% recharge cashback offer

Jio has released a new JioPOS Lite app in India. You can download this community recharge app from the Play…

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Fact Check on WHO lockdown schedule: Government confirms it to be fake!

The government has clarified that a piece of fake news claiming to be from WHO is fake. This piece of…

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Fake News: 3 Red Ticks on WhatsApp! PIB confirms

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms, and just like like any other platform, WhatsApp has become…

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Claims of 5G technology transmitting CoronaVirus are utterly rubbish!

You might have received messages or seen this on popular social media, a message saying that 5G technology is spreading…

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Nerve-wracking video shows how Coronavirus kills the host

Source: ArcGIS At present, the world is struggling to deal with the Coronavirus, which began in the Wuhan region of…

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Alternative Ways to Promote Your Music

Writing music or recording a song, any musician wants their work to be heard by as many people as possible. And the Internet provides such an opportunity. What are the main sites and services on which you can upload your music and even make money on it?  Make sure you are ready to share music with the world  This is the most important part. If you are trying to release a bad song or not the most successful album, it will be difficult to get the desired result. It is better to make sure that you are ready to promote your music around the world than to regret what you have done.  Repost  When you post your music on the open spaces of social networks, remember that the news feed will absorb your content very, very quickly, so send your music to friends or share it through international single girls sites and ask people to repost it. There is nothing wrong with that!  Create accounts in all social networks  …and provide subscribers with products of your creativity. It is important to make regular updates: post demos, publish photos, stories from rehearsals, and performances!  Find your listeners  There are a great many styles of music, and each of them has its own audience. If you compose in the techno style, you must understand the difference between styles such as deep house, techno, and electro. You should know for sure what musical style you work in, and who likes this style the most. This will help you find your fans, find a suitable niche, as well as promote your music properly.  Leave comments on the recordings of other groups, projects, and music communities  What if someone clicks on your comment and falls in love with your music? This method is suitable for Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.  Launch a website  An official website is a place where your fans will always know where you can be found, regardless of any social networks. Take time to communicate with your fans. Reply to them publicly to show that their opinion is important to you and in private messages by sending additional information to make it clear that each of them is important to you.  Have a blog  Blogs are a really great way to let your listener take a peek into your world. Diaries on the subject of recordings of past or upcoming performances, lyrics, release reviews, even just personal notes about what gives you joy or sadness – for fans, who are interested in talking to you or who want to know more about your creative process,…

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Fascinating Bhutan, An Epilogue

Bhutan is considered as the happiest and one of least corrupt place on earth, often being called as “The Last Shangri-La”. This…

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